Eleven Network delivers the services that you most need to help your businesses thrive.

Client Money & Insurer Reconciliation

Our Client Money team will manage the risk of this highly regulated and specialised area on your behalf. This includes all client money, bank reconciliation and insurer payments.

Risk & Compliance

Our Risk & Compliance team provide you with a governance framework, Professional Indemnity insurance and regulatory and compliance advice, enabling you to focus on your clients.

Insurer Relationships

We have developed strategic relationships with some of the UK’s largest insurers and niche providers, so whatever business you need to place, we can provide a solution.

Agency & Toba Management

We have more than 260 agencies in place, giving our members access to a much wider range of markets than is open to the average independent broker.

Broking Desk

Our in-house Broking Desk is there to support you and your placement activity. Our experienced team will find the right cover for your clients by understanding the risk.


Get in touch with our team and tell us what you need most from a network.