The transparent, transformative network

When the fastest growing brokerage in industry history meets the UK’s leading broker network for Appointed Representatives, you know that something exciting is going to happen. Such was the birth of Eleven Network.

Eleven Network launched from the acquisition of TEn Insurance Services by Acrisure. Of the 85 or so local and/or specialist brokers that were already members of the TEn network, many had been with us for more than 10 years. We believe this is testament to our integrity and the services we provide.

More recently, we’ve expanded by welcoming in Directly Authorised brokers. Our aim is to make Eleven a network that supports all types of brokers in their strategic aims, whatever they may be.

We promise a fully transparent fee charging and remuneration structure, exceptional core services, bespoke and exclusive products and enhanced commissions, to help our members grow the value of their businesses by double digits or more.

ABOUT Acrisure

Acrisure is the fastest growing private brokerage in industry history. It operates in over 1,000 locations in 23 countries, combining human and high tech to provide intelligence-driven financial services solutions for insurance, reinsurance, cyber services and more. In the last nine years, Acrisure has grown in revenue from $38 million to more than $4 billion and today employs over 16,000 colleagues.


Dawn Derbyshire

MD Eleven Network

Paul Sykes

Director Eleven Network

Andy Fairchild

Chair of Eleven Network

David Bruce

CEO of Eleven Network and COO of Acrisure UK

Simon Cooter

Commercial Lines and High-Net-Worth Director at Covea, as Non-Executive Director

Kedric Rhodes

Original founder of TEn network, as Non-Executive Director

Shahram Shayesteh

Chief Risk Officer, Acrisure UK Retail (former Head of Compliance at The Standard P&I Club)