What are the hallmarks of a
great broker network?

As an insurance broker, there are certain things you need to help your business to thrive. Things like:

Access to Markets


Client Money Management

Eleven Network offers all these things and more. We’re part of Acrisure, the fastest growing private brokerage in industry history,

Eleven Network has been born from the acquisition of TEn Insurance Services by Acrisure. TEn was the UK’s leading broker network for Appointed Representatives, comprising around 100 local and/or specialist brokers.

Now we’re looking to welcome in new ARs and extend our services to Directly Authorised brokers. In line with our ethos of being a fully transparent network that listens and delivers, we’re helping our AR members to grow the value of their business by double digits or more by providing benefits such as:

  • A transparent fee charging and remuneration structure, so everyone knows where they stand
  • Exceptional core services, including client money management, compliance support and central TOBAs
  • Bespoke and exclusive products, through E-Trading and MGAs
  • Enhanced commissions


If you’re a Directly Authorised broker looking for the support of a network that’s really going places, or you’re looking to set up your own AR business and need that reassurance in getting off the ground, Eleven Network is here for you. But we don’t just want you to join us, we want you to help us design the network so that it really meets your needs.

So get in touch and tell us what you need most from a network.